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Contechem Inc. was founded in 1985 as a joint venture by Gene Mitch and Gary Anderson to develop more worker friendly and environmentally acceptable lumber antistain products to replace sodium pentachloro-phenate. Since 1985 we have continued to successfully serve the forest products industry all along the Western United States as well as abroad.  Contechem maintains a sincere desire to insure you have the best antistain program possible.  Our experienced technical service personnel can help you select the most effective and economical anti-stain formulations.  Based out of Portland, Oregon, Contechem provides compliance guidance, operator training, a complete line of EPA registered fungicides, application equipment and customized delivery systems.

A key factor in Contechem’s early acceptance in northwest sawmills was their local presence, innovative technology and dedication to customer service.  Material handling at saw mills was simplified with bulk delivery of concentrated chemicals and automated preparation of ready-to-use treating solutions.  The bulk deliveries eliminated storage, rinsing and handling of containers at the saw mill.  The automated dilution and transfer systems developed by Contechem minimized worker contact with both concentrated and dilute chemicals.

From the start, Contechem has been committed to continuing research and the development of more cost-effective sapstain control formulations.  In cooperation with and with support from several international companies, Contechem evaluated many potential useful fungicides.  This spawned a series of new formulations based on quaternary ammonium chlorides, triazoles and carbamates.  These fungicides are the most widely used components for sapstain control around the world.

A recent innovation by Contechem is the offering of custom blended mixtures of sapstain control products.  This gives saw mill owners the option of specifying the combination of fungicides that will be most cost-effective for them, taking into account wood species, climate and market conditions.

In 1990, Contechem moved to their present address and in 1994 built and expanded into the largest anti-stain production facility in the western U.S.  The company now serves customers throughout the U.S. as well as in New Zealand, Mexico, South America and Russia.

All of our representatives are qualified to deliver our products, provide safety training, install and trouble-shoot application systems and, to provide technical service and advice.  For a meaningful discussion with one of them, call toll-free (877) 283-3021 or contact us by e-mail through

We are proud of our reputation for honesty, no-nonsense advice and service.

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